In a camp setting or on a special day, a fair is set up by the children. Leaders and caregivers visit the children's fair. Through a great offer the children try to take the play money from their caregivers.

A giant marble run is an afternoon activity that encourages creativity and collaboration.


End of Year Celebration - Teen Club End of Year Party

Juggling is a physically and mentally relaxing activity

What do we mean by a project?

Project programs aim to meet the needs and interests of teenagers, or simply to pursue certain pursuits over a longer period of time, where active participation / design is required. 

Our Jungschi organises a schoolboy floorball tournament for the local area

- Introduce games - play

- Conduct an entire tournament at the end of the game period


Basic Idea/Objective:

To learn about new sports with the teens and use them as spiritual comparisons in devotions.

5against5 known as a TV show (family quiz) is suitable as a quiz game in the afternoon or as an evening show on the occasion of an anniversary or parents' evening. The preparation for it is time-consuming, especially if the questions are created by yourself.

"Project method is the method of methods," finds M. Golpelwar, an expert in youth work.

The top projects have been tried and tested in practice and have been well received in the respective teen clubs, teen groups of the Jungschar etc.

Goal of the week: to help teens get a long-term vision for living as a Christian in order to survive in a postmodern, de-Christianized environment

Playing Human Soccer with Asterix and Obelix.

Quarter afternoon with various games at posts.