About the YoungstarsWiki.org

“YoungstarsWiki.org“ is an independent project which wants to support international Youngstars activities.

The term “Youngstars” stands for all kinds of children and youth ministries of all ages, such as sunday schools, sports groups, teen groups…

YoungstarsWiki.org is structured as a wiki. This means that the project is lead by a team, but the content depends on all users.

The more people contribute to the wiki, the larger gets the supply of Youngstars know-how.

Target group

Youngstars leaders who share Youngstars know-how and / or want to learn more. People who are down-to-earth and know little or nothing about programming.


“YoungstarsWiki.org” wants to be an internet platform for international Youngstars leaders to share their know-how.

YoungstarsWiki.org flyer

Would you like to spread the YoungstarsWiki.org flyer or translate it into another language? Come in contact with Anja Fritz, president of the YoungstarsWiki.org association, info [at] youngstarswiki.org.

Here you can open and download the YoungstarsWiki.org flyer as a PDF