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This year we made a camp where an artifact has to be found. This was with us the golden Hörnli.

The camp is thematically based on Uncharted/Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider and thus had counterparts who were dressed in a mercenary outfit.

A devotional concept for a semester with 9 afternoons.

It deals with 9 important stations / miracles / experiences from the life of Jesus.

In the desert town of EI Geyser fire has broken out and far and wide there is no water to extinguish it. The residents ask for help in the firefighting efforts. They put out a reward for those who transport the most water into the city.

Two airlines are gearing up for battle. They hurriedly make as many firefighting planes as possible, fill water in the tanks and fly as fast as possible to EI Geysir.

The cover image here shows the game plan.

In a camp setting or on a special day, a fair is set up by the children. Leaders and caregivers visit the children's fair. Through a great offer the children try to take the play money from their caregivers.

A night game for at least 12 (optimally 20) 8-12 year olds where participants need to pay close attention and where a fun mix of action and tactics is created that experience shows is really fun for kids and leaders.

The labyrinth is a kind of post run with 44 posts. The correct solution of a post always results in the next post to be approached. If you choose the wrong solution, you have to wait a little longer

There are two games running in parallel. In the official game, the children have to build a city. Some are selected as Christians and proselytize among the others. The state authorities/police want to prevent this and persecute the Christians.

Three teams want to open a seafood restaurant. To ensure the long-term survival, a good training of the staff is essential. In addition, it is always an advantage if a restaurant can boast as many stars as possible. A serious jury will award a golden aquarium to the restaurant with the most original and creative ideas

"La Roche" has invented a string wax. Other companies want it too. You can get the recipe for it from "La Roche", it is divided into small parts. The agent must be prepared in a watering can. This is what you have to look for.