A game to reinforce the 1st commandment.

Two groups must expand their territory with "gods". The group with the most points wins.

Bible passages: 

  • Matthew 13:24-30
  • Matthew 13:36-43


  • Evangelism
  • who bears fruit?
  • Bringing light into the world
  • Jesus` Second Coming


In terms of time, we are two years after Jesus was born, shortly before Joseph, Mary and Jesus flew to Egypt. It is assumed that Jesus was around two years old at this point in time.

The aim of the Technik-Sternli is to teach children age-appropriate Jungschart techniques. The fire game is ideal for the Ameisli, Jungschi and aspirant / teen level to playfully apply or test how to make a fire.

Numbers and numbers

Location: in the forest

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

Procedure of the game: The young sharers are given the task (e.g. Wanted poster as an introduction) to look for the lost sheep. They then go from post to post until they find the sheep. At each post there is a leader in disguise. The children are each given a clue as to where the next post is and how to deal with this person so that they give information. If the set criteria are not met, the leader does not give information!  

Generally, the more leaders, the better. The listed variation can be expanded depending on the time budget and leaders present.

At the end, a big party can be celebrated!:)


Attachment: Game idea detailed & Wanted poster

Cross golf gets golfers off the perfectly manicured lawn and into the heart of nature!


... is fun to make

and fun to play with


An outdoor game for 20 - 500 people, takes about 2-5 hours  

A game for Ameisli

The game is a variation of Monopoly

- Game - Trust

- Devotion - "Happiness of life" (fulfilled life)

An eventful bike ride to emulate!

The idea comes from the game "Catch the Hat", is a special terrain game.

The "Great Cow Trade" needs longer preparation as a terrain game, but is really original as a game idea!

The participants are driven by car to a place where they do not know so well. From this place the participants have to find their way back to the starting point

Play fitness training - group competition with self-invented fitness exercises

Why not play with unfamiliar play equipment for once?


An afternoon of Jungschar in public - mingling with the public

Guaranteed to be an absolute HIT!


Games Workbook for Youth and Teen Ministry No. 03







Program blocks in the camp program:
- in which all can participate
- which must "carry" over a long period of time 
- where material and location can be organized to some extent 

Cool terrain game for teens

Cross-country game just before ChristmasResult: creativity in designing an Advent wreath

An interesting game idea for 4 game parties

Suspenseful terrain game with "Einstein, Madonna, Rambo, Schwarzenegger and 007"

Transfer yourself to the Wild West: The Indians have reached unknown land after a long wandering. Catan it shall be called! But you are not the only one. Other intrepid Indians are already in Catan: the race for settlement has begun!

The Megaton is about making a film using the simplest means possible and within a 'normal' programme. Can be shown at parent or information night. All teens should be engaged in the process.

Taster afternoon of the Jungschar Benaja Seedorf with:

- ropeway- big rope bridge- picnic

Experiencing history: Hebrews/Egyptians with the plagues that go with it

Goal of the game:

- Extinguish torch from the other village- Cook food (zVieri/snack, dinner) - for this you have to keep the fire going


Indoor and outdoor play possible with up to 10 children

Game idea of the Jungschar FMG Wetzikon

This game is an off-road game that can be played in an open meadow as well as in the forest.

In the limited playing field of a group, about 15 bend lights are hidden in the meadow. The opposing group has to run through the field and without being caught by the opposing group bring these bend lights to his playing field and hide them again.

Make an orienteering course with the Bible. This article shows you how to make an orienteering event where the participants are led through different Bible passages to the next post. It's fun - let yourself be surprised...

When the idea for a cross-country game is missing

... then why not try this one! It doesn't always have to be the spy game - right? Here the game is presented in the Fischer variant, but of course it can be adapted as you like.

This article is a Forum Heft article. 

A program is presented for a local camp. The Robinson theme is incorporated into the devotions, quiet times, games, excursions and experiences. 

This article is a Forum booklet article.

In this night terrain game, players are on a quest to find a secret agent. This agent is in possession of a very important briefcase. Will you find out the necessary information to lure him out of his hiding place?



Which group manages to get their flag out of their opponent's field and into their own? This is a movement-intensive terrain game that needs almost no preparation.

A cross-country game to show the Cubs that only the whole armor Jesus gives us will help us succeed. Do not do things by halves. 

Company Tycoon is a city game that has proven itself as an alternative to
Mr. X, especially in smaller towns.

The game is afternoon filling (about 2,5-3h).

This terrain game is usually played in larger cities. With the help of sporadic clues to the whereabouts of the unknown "Mister X", he is pursued by several groups with the aim of identifying and capturing him. The game is based on the board game "Scotland Yard"

In this game, the goal is to collect as much money as possible. The one who has accumulated the most money has won.

After that, a "good" link can be made on the subject of money, earthly possessions. Possible Bible passages could be: Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 6:26 

In this game players play in groups. These groups get the task to take pictures of certain objects and/or certain constellations. To solve this task, they have to find the given motives and partially need to ask by-passers for help.




The goal of the game is to transport as many letters as possible into his depot, in order to finally be able to lay as good words as possible.