Kürzlich geänderte Artikel

We did a Viking camp in 2020 where the kids were divided into 4 groups and they did something different every day

Short instructions on how to set up a carousel when pioneering.

A devotional concept for a semester of 8 devotions.

It deals with various parables from the Bible, which may not yet be known by all children.

Wax seals add a beautiful detail to boys' name baptismal certificates, letters and scrolls that impress. The engraving can be related to the camp-, semester- or even afternoon-theme or can generally fit your group.

Videos are a very effective public relations tool in youth ministry.

There are very many ways in which videos can be used. For example, you can make promotional videos, camp review videos, or pre-event videos for special events.

Quite simply, the azimuth is the angular deviation between the north direction and a sought direction in the specified/required unit usually ° (degrees). 

The material is intended for a leisure or camp of six to eight days. As a frame story, the children accompany Asterix and Obelix in their challenge to repair the cup of Majestix. Matching the travel adventure of Asterix and Obelix seven stories from the life of Paul were chosen.

A Vertüüferli to your devotion, for example, on the topics of "salvation" or "Jesus saves"


A little craft to a devotion with the possible topics:

  • Prayer
  • Psalm 50:50 or Psalm 4:4
  • "God hears you"
  • "You can always talk to God"

terrain games with color / many colored dots

Game about the people of Israel in the Sinai desert and the golden calf.

The goal of the game is to transport as many letters as possible into his depot, in order to finally be able to lay as good words as possible.





Risk management is a systematic process for "identifying and assessing risks, and managing responses to identified risks" (Wikipedia). The aim is to ensure a high level of safety for your volunteers and leaders at all Jungschar events.

Risk management is a systematic process for assessing risks and managing responses to them (Wikipedia).

In experiential education, personality and social skills are to be developed and trained through group experiences.

Scissors Rock Paper is a classic among the pants bag games where no material is needed.

Experience the forest with all your senses.

Children in particular love being out in nature. This offers them opportunities for play and adventure without sensory overload. Nowadays, however, you sometimes have to put children on the track(s) and guide them first.

A team role is the designation of a function, position, or task that a team member has been assigned within a work group or that has evolved due to group dynamics within the team.

The residents of baloney 1 tried to sneak across the heavily guarded border and recapture the money that was stolen during the many years from the bank in baloney 2. The inhabitants of baloney 2 try the same at the bank of baloney 1.

This poinsettia is bast from tree branches. He is easy to build and looks besondern as a star to Christmas lights decoration great. If this star is tinkered with small children should be especially careful when cutting the branches and when gluing with the hot glue gun so that the children do not hurt themselves. 

Elisha no longer has his servant Gehazi. Therefore, we help him with the work. This includes collecting the wool in the forest. Suddenly a rabbit comes hobbling over and claims that the wool belongs to him. We think this is unfair and propose to divide the wool in a game.

It is about the story of Joseph in Genesis 41

There are about 3 to 5 posts (depending on the number of leaders). Each post has several numbers, for the different numbers the players have to solve different tasks. The posts are distributed in and around the house. The tickets (1x, 2x, 3x) are filled out by the leader at the post.

A fun short game that requires only paper and pencils.

This is a semester program on the theme of Joseph

Other games:
- Owls and crows
- Wooden game
- Pine cone fangis



An accident has happened - what to do?

- Don't lose your head

- Take immediate measures and order

- Inform

This is a pants bag game that can be played in the tun hall with little materials. It encourages cooperation and a willingness to help each other among the participants.



Always think of bad weather when making camp preparations!

A paraphrase for Youngstar leaders on 1st Corinthians 13

You must not believe everything that Hollywood and Co presents to us. In film, a wide variety of tricks are used. One of the most common we find in the so-called green or blue screen technique

It is gratifying that singing Christian songs takes up a large part of our camps. But why is this important and what conditions must be fulfilled so that singing can succeed?

This game is all about having fun. There are no winners and no losers.

Here you will find a semester program on the topic of "Samichlaus" (St. Nicholas). The Jungschar Salem has made him without further ado the SalemChlaus and developed a great program for it.

This is a semester program on traffic signs

Here you can find our semester program, which we made for the CD Jetzt gits Ärger from ERF. 

Theatre for 9 girls

Cooperation and togetherness is encouraged with this pants bag game.

A bouncing game that requires skill.

4 varied posts for Ameisli.

  • Water for Ahab
  • Raven as food supplier
  • Boredom at the brook Krit
  • Shelter for Elijah

Each post relates to the story of Elijah at the brook crit.

Best done in the woods.

    4 items on the topic of "feet" (e.g. suitable for the semester program "body parts")

    • Water transport with socks
    • Transporting stones on feet
    • Riding a pedalo
    • Shoe salad

    Children can score points at each post. In the end, one group wins.

    Suitable for Ameisli.


    Building an improvised bivouac without speaking to each other is a real challenge.

    But the results are impressive.

    Sweet and very tasty snack!

    Action-packed game in three phases that caters to the different needs of antlers and young sharers and is perfect for an introduction to the story of Noah!

    The well-known "sink ships" as an active game for indoors or outdoors.

    What could be better on a Jungscharn afternoon than a good portion of mini-games? Apart from a brilliant input and the classic "Schoggibanane" for Zvieri actually almost nothing. Although I hope that every youth group leader knows many such mini-games, unfortunately the same games are often played, or even worse, no game comes to mind at the moment
    Therefore it offers itself to arrange mini Game Cards.

    The way to such Mini-Game Cards is visibly easy and is great fun.
    1. Look for funny games in books and on the internet.
    2. Divide these games into different categories (wild games, quiet games, etc.)
    3. Consider from what age the game is suitable and how long it lasts.
    4. Choose a motivated and creative mini-leader in the authority of your office and make him the knight of creative ideas.
    5. This person will then do the main part of the work and design the cards.

    If, however, you don't feel like or have time for this work, simply download the Mini-Game Cards our Jungschar, edit them even more to your liking, print them out and laminate them and the whole spit is done.


    Soon we meet for the joint departure to the "New World", as America is also called at this time. Are you prepared for adventure and western life? We are looking forward to our time together!

    Bedouin teenie camp for 5 days

    It is not at all easy to find a theme for the camp, for the Bible nowhere tells of ice and snow.