Youngstars and the church

Finally in a few lines you can discover evangelical scouts. A viable alternative. See:


An outdoor game for 20 - 500 people, takes about 2-5 hours  

more than a feeling
more than songs
more than many words
more than a tradition
more than a program

To be a department leader in the Jungschar involves several important points:

To be a main leader in the Jungschar involves several important points:

Basic concerns of the advisory group are primarily two:

- Composition of the Advisory Circle

- Main tasks of the advisory circle


The questions in this working paper are intended to provide food for thought and to help start a conversation between church leadership and youth group leaders in order to eliminate possible weaknesses in the church - youth group relationship


The goal of BESJ ministries is to win young people for Jesus and the church  and to intentionally nurture them.

You youth leaders do an outstanding job! I think it is great with what passion and commitment you often fight Saturday after Saturday for children and teenagers in your age groups!


Nobody will deny that the Ameisli, Jungschar and teen work costs something. But - who is going to pay for it? The youth leaders? The church? Sponsors? Or simply donors? 

Jungle leaders contribute much to the building of the house of "church" as "builders."

Where and how do they help?

As obvious as this statement seems, it is often disregarded in practice. The expectations of the congregation, the youth group and its leaders are often very high (something similar can be said about the other branches of children's and youth work)


- Effects of coordination and communication internally and externally

- Methods to improve coordination and communication in the community

Youth groups working with the national church should definitely consider some specifics


The search for the perfect community

"Ye shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy." (Deut. 19:2)
"The hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father also seeketh such to be his worshippers." (John 4:23)


Our youth group is well integrated into the congregation and our work is appreciated. We are comfortable in the community!


This article corresponds to the BESJ annual focus 1993:

Worshiping God:

Youth group - church


Teens create one or more circus shows

The Megaton is about making a film using the simplest means possible and within a 'normal' programme. Can be shown at parent or information night. All teens should be engaged in the process.

  • Hiking and sleeping on straw
  • Excursion to the waterfall and discovery of a ruin
  • etc.

For a long time, the church of F. has regularly held interesting meetings for the family members of the youth and teenagers. Everyone is invited - "family" is not seen so much genetically as "spiritually". Everyone is invited to be part of the "family of God". Here even singles, grandmas, neighbor kids, single mothers .... feel comfortable. The meetings are organized by families or small teams from the community. The focus is not on perfect organisation, not on a stylish programme, but on fellowship, games, fun, conversations, spontaneity, mutual service, encouragement and sharing.


New, Effective Ways in Community Building

1. Family as part of the creation order

2. Happy families form the best foundation of any social order

3. Families - Temples of God

4. Family as a shelter against the destructive, anti-human decay

5. Families helping families - social networks

6. Winning whole families for the kingdom of God

7. Families experience joy(s) - imagination - peace

8. ... before it's too late


In many churches and congregations, children have to move to other age groups. It can happen that this becomes a problem. Why this is so and what can be done about it, this article wants to give information about.

If you are a large team in which it often happens that individuals are absent from meetings, it is practical if a protocol is written for the meeting. In it all important information of the meeting are summarized. The protocol is sent after the meeting by mail to the entire team, or uploaded to a common platform such as Dropbox or Google Drive