Costume contests can be made with the children on various themes. The costumes are made from everyday materials such as newspaper and tape.

Possible themes: kings (e.g., on the story of David, Solomon), knights


Make a heart-shaped card holder out of wire. The card holder fits e.g. love (God loves you), friendship (e.g. story of David and Jonathan) or is suitable as a present for Mother's Day.


... is fun to make

and fun to play with

Make miniature match-powered rockets with just a few household items!


For publicity locally, regionally or nationally of the teen group in church, at crusade, at graduation

See also Create article video

Two players face each other and play the ball to each other. The ball must be hit about in the middle of the fabric, when the ball comes the two timbers are pulled apart and the ball flies back.

Making your own Advent chain to count down till Christmas.An idea find on

Here you'll find a pair of suggestions for setting up a wall in, say, a Nehemiah camp.

A fun game to play during breaks.

Brittle is a sweet that is essentially caramelized sugar and almond flakes.