Fire in EI Geyser

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In the desert town of EI Geyser fire has broken out and far and wide there is no water to extinguish it. The residents ask for help in the firefighting efforts. They put out a reward for those who transport the most water into the city.

Two airlines are gearing up for battle. They hurriedly make as many firefighting planes as possible, fill water in the tanks and fly as fast as possible to EI Geysir.

The cover image here shows the game plan.



Whoever is defeated loses a wing of his plane (tear off the wing!). Who challenges to fight (by handshake on the back) does not necessarily have to carry an airplane with him.

Fueling aircraft

An airplane is fueled with water when the tops of its wings are painted blue.

EI Geyser

The planes must travel a certain distance and reach the city on their first attempt. Each plane that arrives in the city gives one point.


  1. Sufficient A5 paper
  2. Bird ribbon
  3. Wax crayons to paint the planes


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