Ark construction

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Noah has received the order from God to build an ark. His problem now is to get the necessary building materials and tools.

All young skaters will be weighed and divided into four groups according to their weight.

The game

One player from each group goes to the "four-game post" and plays against a child from another group. The winner may now roll the dice and receives the number of rondos ("money") rolled. The loser gets the number of rondos left until 6. (The loser can still become the winner).

Only one player per group is allowed to play at the "four-game post". Make sure that the same people do not always play "four-in-a-row"!

The won money must now be brought to the material post through a battle zone. The players can take the rondos by hitting an opponent on the back and then "fighting" against him.

Possible types of combat:

  • Rolling the dice (everyone needs a dice)
  • Drawing sticks, scissors-stone-paper, etc.

Whoever challenges an opponent to a fight must be in possession of rondos himself!

At the material post, the delivered rondos must now be thrown into a container from a certain distance. For each hit there is material for the construction of the ark (nails, boards, hammer, glue, pliers). These five things together form an assortment. The goal of the game is to collect as many complete assortments as possible. This can also be done by swapping with the other groups.

Possible variation: Distribute real building materials and tools and build a small ark at the end of the game. Who builds the most beautiful ark?


  • Marking tape for marking posts
  • 2x "Four-Games
  • Large dice, small dice for all players
  • Rondos (money)
  • Slips of paper with material and tools (or real material)

Source reference

Cover picture: Cour tesy - Spielideen für die Jungschar!
Game idea: Cour tesy - Spielideen für die Jungschar!