Courage - Records - Courage - Records

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- An afternoon for all Jungschar ages
- 12 posts to set records and prove courage

Who sets the most records, has the most courage?

An afternoon for all ages (10 - 16 years)

Consciously unusual, we're kicking off this Jungschar afternoon.

All the Jungschärler (JS) sit in the darkened JS room. After some time, a voice asks, "What are you guys doing?" They reply, "You heard there was going to be a particularly exciting afternoon of dares and record games this afternoon."

After this introduction, the children are already surprisingly well motivated for the theme of the afternoon. In groups of 3, the task is to run to the 12 posts scattered throughout the house in any order using a running sheet. Once a group has done all the posts, they can try to beat the existing records by completing the posts a second time. After approximately 2 ½ hrs, the record group for each post will be determined. As a reward, each JS-er will receive an ice cream for their Zvieri.

For details about the posts, organization, evaluation and devotion see PDF file.

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Author: Ursula Amman, Issue JN 3/90 BESJ

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