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Going out of our own premises and being present in the village and on its official occasions as a Jungschar 

Project description

At the Jungschi-Chilbi (dt. Jungschar Kirmes/Jahrmarkt) games were offered around the fire brigade depot on the theme "Around the wheel". At the village festival to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the political community could be offered at the same place more activities.

It was organized a Harassenstapeln, the climbing wall and a milk bar under an advertising pole, which was erected more than 1 month before the village festival. In addition to these activities, a Chilbi clown (dt. Kirmes/Jahrmarkt clown) with balloon animals provided attention and attracted rows of children.

These two occasions were about two months apart - so it was possible to draw attention to the Jungschar several times.

Source reference

BESJ, project unreached 2007 - 2009, project leader Curdin Strasser
Copyright:, A. Jaggi

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