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In a camp setting or on a special day, a fair is set up by the children. Leaders and caregivers visit the children's fair. Through a great offer the children try to take the play money from their caregivers.



The groups have one hour to build a booth that fits the theme of the fair.

Here are some possible ideas: Ghost train, a casino, a throwing booth, a beauty parlor, a kiosk, Internet coffee, clown performances, betting parlor, skills course, comic reading corner, or other.

Hold such things, where you can spoil the caregivers times so right.
How much the groups take for their game is up to them. The prices are published clearly visible in front of the booth. Entrance fees can be demanded, participation money or minute prices. Prices can be lowered or increased - valid are the prices, which are on the notice board. Checks or other pawn tickets from the group leaders will not be accepted.

Now all the money will be divided fairly among the supervisors.

The game

After the stand preparations, the play money is evenly distributed to the caregivers. These now visit the fair and spend their money. Games can, of course, be repeated at will. However, it should be clear to the caregivers that all games should be played at least once!

A time frame is set (2 h is quite enough - without preparation time (1 h)).
Which group has the most money at the end is fair winner.


  • Material for stand construction (can be more or less elaborate design)
  • Each group provides the material for their booth
  • Play money


Cover photo: Canva

Game Idea: Courtesy of www.spielboerse.ch - Game Ideas for Jungschar!