Hay jumpers (Näpperlen)

Submitted by pemko123 on Thu, 03.06.2021 - 08:01

Pick your haymaker to the finish

age from 8 years
Number of players 8-10
Playing venue Meadow
Material 10cm long, round wooden blocks, bevelled at the front, with cut Bödeli, one hazel stick per player


On the starting line lie the "Näpperli". You hit the beveled part with the hazel stick so that the "Näpperli" bounces forward like a hay jumper. Skillful games also try to give the "Näpperli" another blow during its flight through the air, so that it flies even further.

The object is to reach the finish line 30m away in as few jumps as possible. The one who needs the least jumps is the winner

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