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We will have a new body in heaven!

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Subject: eternal life

Key Message

  • What happens to you and me when we "die"?
  • The Good Shepherd takes our soul to a new home and we will have a new body. The old body remains here on earth.

Walnut/Chestnut example (related to the story)

If we believe from the heart in the Good Shepherd aka Jesus, our names will be sealed in the book of eternal life.

And even if we die, our soul will be with Jesus. He will give us a new body, in heaven there will be no sorrow (sadness, sickness, death) but there will be joy and the love of God.

Text Luke 16:19-31

The rich man in the parable did not believe in Jesus, but lived for himself and his riches, and because of this he went to hell. And Lazarus was poor, but he trusted in God and went into Abraham's bosom.