The virus

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We were all infected by a dangerous virus. The disease is very contagious and getting worse, so we have been expelled from our villages. They say there is a miracle cure that can defeat the virus.

We have all been infected by a dangerous virus. The disease is very contagious and getting worse, so we have been expelled from our villages. But here in the area there is supposed to be a miracle cure that can defeat the virus. Unfortunately, no one has found this remedy yet, but for us it is vital. So we set out to find it. Because this could take a long time, we divide ourselves into families and buy everything necessary for our household.

The Game

1st part
Grouping: 4-5 people / group

Each group receives a "house" and a "shopping list" with different animal names. These animals are hidden in the forest and must be searched for and found by ear (flashlights prohibited). The hidden "animals" do not always make the same sound. They have shuffled the evidence slips and each represents the animal that is on top of the pile. So the animals constantly change their location and not so many helpers are needed.

The group can split up to search, but at least two players should always stay together. If an animal that is on the shopping list is found, you get a proof from this "animal" that you have found it ( for example, a piece of paper with the animal name). The found animals (slips of paper) are collected in the house. While the animals are being searched for, other members of the group can smell spices and try to identify them. These do not have to be searched for, but are located at a central post (e.g. a large fire). At the end of the first part of the game, all the animals found and the evidence of the spices identified are brought to the start.

Play time 1.part: about 45 min.

2nd part
For each piece of evidence, for found animals or recognized spices, you now get a part of a map on which the hiding place of the miracle cure is drawn. Soon once you will find that each group has received only a part of the map and you can only find the remedy together. The map is now put together by all the groups and the search can begin. The miracle cure can be taken at the end by all together (eg large bag Sugus).

Purpose of the exercise:
The children should need the two senses "smelling" and "hearing" and thereby distinguish and get to know different animals and plants. The sense of community is strengthened, since all are in the same situation. No game against each other, but with each other.


  • Bird tape to mark the posts
  • Torches to mark off the playing field
  • Various spices in yogurt containers
  • Shopping list for each group
  • Note with animal names and spice names (as evidence)
  • Map with location of miracle cure (blended)
  • drawn in

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Game idea: Courtesy of - Game Ideas for the Jungschar!

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