Build carousel

Submitted by ML3000 on Wed, 03.08.2022 - 16:13

Short instructions for setting up a carousel in pioneering work.


Material: What For

  • 1x sturdy log, max. 10m: hang carousel
  • 2x equal length thin/light logs, max. 10m: rotating beam
  • 3x pegs: Unstay carousel
  • 3x 20m static rope (alternative 1x 20m, 1x 40m): Tie off carousel
  • 1x 30m static rope: suspend rotating beams
  • 5x carabiners at least: suspend / unstay tensioners
  • 2x board, about 30cm x 50cm: Seating
  • 2x slats, about 80cm: footrests
  • 2x slats, about 50cm: Guide the rotating beams
  • Bale cord (many meters): Tying the elements
  • Multiple stakes: Barrier
  • Barrier tape: barrier
  • Optional, 2x battens, approx 100cm: Diagonal for stiffening


  1. Dig a hole, about 1/10 of trunk length (at 10m this corresponds to 1m)
  2. Measure and hammer in guy posts (distance to trunk = trunk height)
  3. Tie ropes to trunk (3 guy ropes: mast throw, suspension: double mast throw)
  4. Set up trunk and brace
  5. Twist beams with each a thick and thin end together centrally on trunk lay
  6. Turning beam best at the end jack up a little
  7. Turning bar set in the middle and distance to the trunk, about 2cm
  8. Tie seat surface and foot holder tightly (circle collar)
  9. Tie two battens at a distance of about 2cm from the trunk to the rotating beam
  10. Twist beams with tensioner to pull up, minimum distance to ground 50cm
  11. Optionally reinforce rotating beams with diagonals
  12. Block off danger zone
  13. Test carousel carefully
  14. Apply corrections if necessary

Operating rules

  • The carousel is operated only by instructed leaders
  • Place feet on top and leave them there
  • Only leaders operating the carousel are inside the barrier
  • Always maintain minimum distance to ground (50cm), otherwise re-tension (risk of crushing and buckling)