Fire in EI Geyser

Submitted by foobar on Mon, 01.05.2023 - 16:34

Fire has broken out in the desert town of EI Geyser and there is no water to put it out. Residents are asking for help to put out the fire. They offer a reward for those who transport the most water into the city.

Two airlines gear up for battle. You hurry to construct as many fire-fighting planes as possible, fill the tanks with water and fly to EI Geyser as quickly as possible.

The cover picture here shows the schedule.


Rock-Paper-Scissors Zone

If you are defeated, you lose a wing of your plane (tear off the wing!). Anyone who challenges to a fight (by shaking hands on the back) does not necessarily have to carry an airplane with them.

Refueling aircraft

An airplane is full of water when the tops of the wings are painted blue.

EI geyser

The planes have to travel a certain distance and reach the city on the first try. Each plane that arrives in the city gives one point.


  1. Enough paper A5
  2. bird band
  3. Wax crayons for painting the airplanes



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