Wax seal

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Wax seals add a beautiful detail to boys' name baptismal certificates, letters and scrolls that impress. The engraving can be related to the camp, semester or even afternoon theme, or can be generally suitable for the Jungschar.


Whether on a baptismal certificate, on a mysterious letter, on an envelope, or on a scroll, wax seals add a certain weight to a document in children's and youth ministry. It stands out and is more likely to be remembered. An envelope that the children find that is sealed with a seal has more credibility than if it is simply taped shut or not sealed at all.

How to make paper look old


  • Document
  • Sealing stamp
  • Sealing wax candle or sealing wax beads
  • Lighting option
  • Optional sealing wax pan
  • Optional decoration


  1. Provide all materials on a surface that can get dirty or that is lined with newspapers. Have the document ready where the seal will go on it.
  2. Light the sealing wax candle and melt the wax on all sides or heat the sealing wax beads in an appropriate pan or other container.
  3. When the wax has been heated, allow it to drip onto the appropriate area and then put the candle or container away.
  4. Dip the stamp and then press it into the wax. At the beginning still push back and forth a little and then let the wax cool down for about 10 seconds.
  5. Take away the stamp and look at the seal.

candle or wax beads

Both have their advantages. If you take a sealing wax bead, you do not have to get a pan or other container. In exchange, you have to be more careful there when melting and if you stamp many seals one after the other, then you can always melt the same number of beads in one container, so that all the seals will be the same size.

Look around your area to see if there are craft stores that sell sealing wax. In a pinch, normal wax will do, but it usually doesn't look as good and usually leaves residue on the stamp.

Otherwise, you can also look online. Wax candles in different colors can be bought on bauundhobby.ch or on zumstein.ch. Wax beads can be bought on, among others, siegelwachs.ch.

The right stamp

Sealing stamps can be bought with some pre-made designs in stores or on the Internet. These are not suitable for use in children's and youth work, because a motif that does not fit the theme at all can destroy the impression again.

Find out if there are stores or craftsmen in your area that will make you a custom stamp. Otherwise, you can buy a ready-made stamp with an anchor or order a stamp with your own motif on siegel-shop.ch in addition to wax beads.

Alternative: BESJ Tie Ring.

The tie ringfrom BESJ made of metal can also be used if you have one of these. On the front side, there is a Jungscharanker embedded. If you close the ring on the inside with a piece of metal, you can stamp an anchor as a seal with it. Thus, you can also do without a real seal stamp and emboss a seal for narrow money.

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