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Three teams want to open a seafood restaurant. To ensure the longer-term survival, a good training of the staff is essential. In addition, it is always an advantage if a restaurant can show as many stars as possible. A serious jury will award a golden aquarium to the restaurant with the most original and creative ideas

"La Roche" has invented a string wax. Other companies want it too. You can get the recipe for it from "La Roche", it is divided into small parts. The agent must be prepared in a watering can. This is to look for.

The maze is a kind of post run with 75 posts. The correct solution of a post always results in the next post to be approached. If you choose the wrong solution you get on a wrong track, from which you come back sooner or later to the correct post path.

We were all infected by a dangerous virus. The disease is very contagious and getting worse, so we have been expelled from our villages. They say there is a miracle cure that can defeat the virus.

Noah has received the order from God to build an ark. His problem now is to get the necessary building materials and tools.

Unknown Prophets of the Bible - What a challenge! How cool if the young people know Amos, Nahum, Micah, Habakkuk or know an incident about them. With this motivation, we set out to learn about the unknown person

A book summary of the book "The Smuggler of God" by Brother Andrew.

The entire text has been summarized and individual sections that are particularly important have been highlighted.


  • Age group 7 to 14
  • At least 2 leaders
  • 20-30 minites

This season, we will look at the story of William Tyndale, who translated the Bible from Hebrew into English. Through this story, we will be able to show children the importance of the Word and that we should be thankful to have it in a language that is accessible to us. We will experience different things that are part of the story.

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