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Kindern altersgerecht Jungschartechnik vermitteln ist das Ziel der Technik-Sternli. Das Feuer-Spiel ist auf den Stufen Ameisli, Jungschi und Anwärter/Teenie ideal, um spielerisch das Feuermachen anzuwenden oder zu prüfen.


Playing time:


Goal of the game:

The winner was the group that was the first to have a bowl of popcorn and a warm mug of punch for each player.

Variation: The winner is the group that is the first to burn through a string stretched over the fireplace with a fire stationed on the ground.

Secondary game objective:

The children learn how to deal with fire (finding a suitable place, making a fire with a match, etc.)

Age group:

Ameisli / Jungschi / Teenie

Thematic integration:

The game can be adapted for different stories. E.g. use of Mannah. Corn kernels are Mannah and should be processed by the children.

Game explanation

4-8 participants per group, at Ameisli with leader support

Each group can light a fire (at a freely chosen location). Except for the wood and stones, all the necessary materials must be bought on the market (you may not use your own material, such as a fire lighter). Corn kernels are distributed in a specific zone and can be picked up by the children. 3-5 items are available so that the children can earn play money.

Market supply:

  • 1 match (so that the children have the incentive to start the fire with just one match, the price must be set very high)
  • 1 newspaper (this can be dispensed with at the junior level)
  • empty matchbox
  • Aluminum pot
  • Schäleli
  • cups
  • water
  • oil
  • possibly salt
  • Punch


Ant level: Have the children light 3 candles with a match. If the child manages to light 1 candle, they receive 1 play money. If all 3 make it, it receives 2 play money. (Meets a requirement for BESJ-Sternli badge fire and food)

General: Recite the theoretical sequence of events to start a fire or place cards with them. / Name rules for dealing with fire.

Further items can be muted freely.

Game play

With younger players (ant level) it makes sense to play the game in building phases.

Phase 1: (5 minutes)

Define group place: The groups look for a suitable group place to start a fire. (Note the distance to trees etc.)

Phase 2: (max. 10 minutes)

Collect maize kernels: Starting from the group space, the children collect the maize kernels that are scattered in an area. You may carry a maximum of 1 corn grain back to the group space.

Phase 3: (10 minutes)

Items: In addition to collecting corn kernels, children can earn play money at 3-5 items.

Phase 4: (45 minutes)

Market: In addition to collecting the corn kernels and the items, the children can buy items for their fire and the task at the market. At the same time they are allowed to collect wood etc. to start their fire as quickly as possible and complete the task.

The group that reaches the goal of the game first wins. The game continues until all groups have a bowl of popcorn and a glass of punch per person.


Instead of collecting wood in phase 4, this can be done in step 1 or 2.



In order to delay the success of the other groups, additional water can be purchased to extinguish the fire of the others. At the junior level, it is advisable to define an area around each fire that the opposing groups are not allowed to enter.

Burn the cord

The winner is the group that is the first to be able to burn through a string stretched over the fireplace with a fire stationed on the ground. The cord must be stretched so that all fire pits can be built underneath.

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