Postenlauf auf dem Spielplatz

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Perfekt wenn man nicht all zu viel organisieren will, aber trotzdem Spass haben möchte.


Must be adapted depending on the games or posts.

For example, for a sack race you need jute sacks or for an obstacle course ropes, buckets, etc.


A normal children's playground can also be made into an exciting obstacle course or whatever. For example, stretch ropes over a bridge in a triangle as shown in the picture above or even ordinary passage tubes can be made into a perfect obstacle course

If such a post run or competition wants to be made even more exciting, it can also be made with prizes, in that the participants receive a point for each successfully mastered task, or in the case of group tasks, both receive a point and at the end the winner receives a small prize.


The post run can also be done with groups, depending on the tasks/posts, e.g. when leading "blind", two people are needed.

If groups, then in two groups. The three would always have to sit out one person.


Various post suggestions I show here, but these will need to be adapted depending on the situation and space, etc.

  • Being led blindly through a course with obstacles with a basin full of water in your hand. Go for time. Group against group.
  • Transport water with a sponge from one pool to another over obstacles such as a small climbing wall. Goes for time or directly two participants against each other.
  • Rope pulling. Group against group.
  • Recognize natural objects (branches, leaves, etc.) barefoot. Group members against each other.

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  • Cover photo: Provided by Patrick Ackerman
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