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Dass bei unseren Freizeiten das Singen von christlichen Liedern einen grossen Raum einnimmt, ist erfreulich. Aber warum ist das wichtig und welche Bedingungen müssen erfüllt sein, damit Singen gelingen kann?

Why is singing together important?

1. Singing increases the praise of God!

We widely struggle when it comes to praising God. Songs of worship can help give God the glory

2. singing has a community-building effect

Singing together binds the participants together. Here even those who are otherwise reticent to contribute have their say. They can join the community of believers

3. Singing releases emotions!

It can become a help to put aside false compulsions and to open oneself inwardly. Singing can be an expression of carefree joy and the joy that endures even in suffering.

4. Singing opens hearts to the message!

Songs set the mood for listening together and encountering God, or responding to God's speaking.

5. Singing works courage of faith!

Many have been comforted and encouraged anew by songs. Thus songs are again and again bulwarks against resignation.

6. Singing is a means of proclaiming the good news!

The first thing to think about is your own recreational group. Quite a few can testify that they got the impetus to faith through a song lyric.

Then, however, it is also about those who witness our singing intentionally or unintentionally. Normally one knows from German holidaymakers abroad only booze and home songs. Therefore, some are interested in Christian songs sit the ears.

The joyful singing and making music by a leisure group is an appealing testimony of Jesus Christ.

In order to sing properly, it is necessary to...

1. That there are enough songbooks available.

With the variety of songbooks available today, it is advisable to agree on one songbook. To ensure that everyone can sing along, there should be a songbook for each participant.

If you don't already have songbooks and would like to purchase some, you can find a good selection here

2. that the accompaniment is in tune.

In the newsletter it can be invited that the participants bring their instruments (guitars, flutes, accordion, wind instruments,...), even if they are not yet masters on it.

The instruments should be tuned before the start of each program.

One person leads the singing:

  • makes the beginning,
  • gives the rhythm,
  • etc.

Where this is not clarified, the joy of singing will be nipped in the bud, because too much (speech) pauses arise or everyone sings after "his way".

3. That there is enough time to do it.

To "warm up", one song is not enough. You need a certain amount of time to be able to switch.

It is advisable to...

  • in the newsletter to loosely point out that you should leave iPods, iPhones, Mp3 players, etc. at home if possible. Consumption puts the brakes on initiative!
  • Learn new (even old new) songs.Otherwise there is a danger that only "top hits" will be sung.
  • Explain song lyrics. Background information about the song helps that the lyrics are sung consciously. (Who did the lyrics and melody come from? In what situation was the song written? What experience has already been made with the song?)


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