Rope Pulling

Submitted by pemko123 on Fri, 04.06.2021 - 07:47

The classic rope pull, with various possible modifications


age from 8 years
Number of players 10
Playing venue Meadow
Material Thick rope, 2 game badges


  • A rope lies on the ground. A game badge lies 10m from each end of the rope. At each end of the rope stand an equal number of players
    On the whistle, they grab the rope and pull to their side
    The party that reaches their game badge first is the winner
  • The groups await the whistle at their game badge. They must then run to the end of the rope first.
  • With the rope tied together, a rectangle is formed. 4m from each corner lies a game badge. On the whistle, a player moves to each corner. Whoever can reach their badge first is the winner
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