Biblical basics


Why do we tell?

It is important to us to awaken and develop the children's ability to experience.


The Bible:

- incredible
- full strong
- topical
- personal


Background information, suggestions for program design, food for thought for Jungscharn afternoons

I wanted to tackle the meaning of the cross with our church youth group, aged 12+, who are predominently not church-going children.

Below is an outline for a talk which worked really well for us as the framework for an evening around a campfire - taking the group through from an easy introduction to symbols and logos through to a biblical presentation of the meaning of the cross.

We finished the evening with a challenge to the children; to make them think more carefully about the cross and what it means to them. You may want to change this to better suit the type of group you have, and where they are on their spiritual journeys.

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