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How do children believe at different ages?


Children also have basic emotional needs


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Why? The Word of God in the head and heart is a preserving power


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I wanted to tackle the meaning of the cross with our church youth group, aged 12+, who are predominently not church-going children.

Below is an outline for a talk which worked really well for us as the framework for an evening around a campfire - taking the group through from an easy introduction to symbols and logos through to a biblical presentation of the meaning of the cross.

We finished the evening with a challenge to the children; to make them think more carefully about the cross and what it means to them. You may want to change this to better suit the type of group you have, and where they are on their spiritual journeys.

A paraphrase for Youngstar leaders on 1st Corinthians 13


At a country festival you don't stand out in western dress. It's when you hit the streets in a country look that things get critical. I noticed how many fans carry their hats in a plastic bag all the way to the festival hall and don't put it on until they get to the festival hall. 

One comes home with a wealth of impressions from the team weekend.
How can the effect be more lasting?

1. Which point would you like to implement personally, for yourself, at home?

2. in "partnership" implementation goes better

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Making your own Advent chain to count down till Christmas.An idea find on


The more Bible knowledge we impart to our children, the better equipped they will be for life. Is that so?


How do children and teenagers learn? What shapes learning? What consequences does this have for the learning process? This article aims to provide information on these and other questions.

Children do not only develop outwardly, their faith also changes with age. Youth leaders need to be aware of this and shape their messages accordingly

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