A game of tag that was developed in a BESJ leadership course. Fits thematically to biblical stories where people are in prison (e.g. Peter, Paul)

The aim of the Technik-Sternli is to teach children age-appropriate Jungschart techniques. Relays are ideal for regularly refreshing all technical areas.

A fun pants bag game for in between

A circle game in which blindfolded players have to recognize someone.

This is a fun catching game.
A minimum of 15 people are needed.

With this game you have to be attentive and it should stimulate the imagination.

In this game, participants are stimulated in their theatricality and fanaticism.

What could be better on a Jungscharn afternoon than a good portion of mini-games? Apart from a brilliant input and the classic "Schoggibanane" for Zvieri actually almost nothing. Although I hope that every youth group leader knows many such mini-games, unfortunately the same games are often played, or even worse, no game comes to mind at the moment
Therefore it offers itself to arrange mini Game Cards.

The way to such Mini-Game Cards is visibly easy and is great fun.
1. Look for funny games in books and on the internet.
2. Divide these games into different categories (wild games, quiet games, etc.)
3. Consider from what age the game is suitable and how long it lasts.
4. Choose a motivated and creative mini-leader in the authority of your office and make him the knight of creative ideas.
5. This person will then do the main part of the work and design the cards.

If, however, you don't feel like or have time for this work, simply download the Mini-Game Cards our Jungschar, edit them even more to your liking, print them out and laminate them and the whole spit is done.


Two groups go from house to house to exchange one item for a bigger one.

A game of Fangis that requires a bit of team spirit.

Scissors Rock Paper is a classic among the pants bag games where no material is needed.