Camp programs

This year we made a camp where an artifact has to be found. This was with us the golden Hörnli.

The camp is thematically based on Uncharted/Indiana Jones/Tomb Raider and thus had counterparts who were dressed in a mercenary outfit.

A book summary of the book "The Smuggler of God" by Brother Andrew.

The whole text has been summarized and individual sections that are particularly important have been highlighted.

We have conducted a pirate camp in the Cevi in 2022. Led by the pirate legend Anne Bonny, who with us restored a ship and then went on a treasure hunt.

We did a Viking camp in 2020 where the kids were divided into 4 groups and they did something different every day

The materials are intended for a leisure or camp of six to eight days. As a frame story, the children accompany Asterix and Obelix in their challenge to repair the cup of Majestix. Seven stories from the life of Paul were chosen to match the travel adventure of Asterix and Obelix.

After we have experienced a cool Sola with Asterix & Obelix, we do not want to withhold our planning documents from you and hope to be able to provide you with tools and ideas for an exciting Sola.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us at Jungschar Uzwil.

A book summary of the book "Robin Hood" by Howard Pyle.

Each of the 15 chapters is briefly summarized in key words.

The summary can be a help e.g. to develop the storyline for a Robin Hood SoLa.

Fancy a weekly game among the kids at camp?

Why is there suddenly a chair wrapped in toilet paper in the dining hall? Zorro and his sidekick have been up to their shenanigans all week without getting caught. Who saw him? Is there any suspicion?

The Zorro week game has already proven itself many times in our Jungschi and the kids are always very happy to participate. At the beginning of the camp, each child receives a lottery ticket. Among many citizens there is also a Zorro (in large groups possibly two Zorros). This one gets various tasks, which he has to do unnoticed with the help of his helper sometime during this camp week.

Citizens are naturally vigilant and can report their suspicions to the game master or to the suspicion list. However, to avoid simply guessing, the suspicion must be substantiated and a false suspicion may result in a small penalty.

Do the citizens manage to blow the whistle on Zorro and/or his sidekick, or does Zorro manage to perform all his duties unnoticed?

Ideas for a varied experience program for the Exodus from Egypt.

A wellness evening, for example, to relax after a two-day hike at summer camp.

A camp on the theme of the monk / Luther which was carried out by the Jungschar Ebnat-Kappel so.



Always think of bad weather when making camp preparations!

The three cantons of Uri, Schwyz and Nidwalden each form a game group. The game is played according to the official rules (Swiss edition)

Program based on events at the mountains:
- Moriah
- Sinai
- Carmel

Hunger, persecution, lack of perspective was for centuries a reason to leave the known Europe and seek the new happiness in the land of unlimited opportunities.

Brother Yun is a Chinese evangelist who has greatly influenced the house church movement in China over the past 4 decades. His hunger for a Bible after his conversion at 16, his vision to spread the gospel, and his perseverance in prayer are exemplary and well suited for a semester program for young people with 7-14 occasions. After years of living in prisons, Brother Yun now lives in Germany. His vivid stories have been written down in the book "Heavenly Man" 

Attention, Ready, Paul: Here you will find a weekly plan on the theme "Attention, Ready, Paul" and some pictures, as well as a short review of the conducted autumn camp.

Program for 10 days children's camp of the FEG Zurich.

Here you will find a spiritual camp concept and a weekly plan on the theme of "King Arthur."

Here you'll find a spiritual camp concept, a weekly schedule, and a play script on the theme of "Uncle Tom's Cabin."

Here you will find a spiritual camp concept and a weekly plan on the theme of "Gypsies."

Week camp with devotions and playing cards:

Discover the meaning of your life

Complete article, see PDF files

8 day sola 2014 of the youth forum Wiedenest

Detail program Teen-Sola 2014
Theme: Vikings

A semester program of diverse activities on the theme "I like to move it!" and with 8 devotions on the parables of Jesus.

Spiritual Concept of a Semester with 9 Devotions on the Lives of Elijah and Elisha.

Spiritual concept of a semester with 9 devotions on the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

The children learn about the standards of Jesus and how to apply them.

They read independently in the Bible and share about it.

A semester program on Esther and Ruth (Spiritual Theme) as well as various ideas for program activities.

Goal of the week: to help teens get a long-term vision for living as a Christian in order to survive in a postmodern, de-Christianized environment

Various camp programs with a "Gold Diggers"


125 Program Suggestions of Every Kind for Filled Young Share Afternoons

What are the names of the mountains in the Bible and what activities took place at/on them?

- Mountain of longing
- Mountain of silence
- Mountain of salvation
- Mountain of prayer
- Mountain of preaching
- Mountain of decision

A semester program of 7 devotions and activities based on the story 'The Schlunz' by Harry Voss.

Semester program of 6 devotions on the life of Queen Esther.

A semester program of activities on the theme "Simply Animal!" and with 8 devotions via various animals.

A semester program of various activities on the theme of "I love ..." and with 7 devotions on Genesis.

Sailing across the sea with the Jungschar, discovering America and having great experiences - who hasn't dreamed of the great adventures of Eirik and Halvdan, Hroald and Knútr and what they were all called.

Not only "fun and action" are attractive for kids. A creative project needs a lot of effort - but the result is worth seeing!

A knight's camp held in a ruin is presented.

This article is a Forum issue article and it is attached as a PDF file.

1 Camp Plan

1 Spiritual Concept


17 Program Blank

Photos, flyers, history

11 Afternoon Programs re: ABRAHAM

This program was created for Poland as food for thought. The weekly plan could be done like this. However, it has more ideas on a separate sheet what you could still do.

Collection of ideas on the bearing theme Nehemiah.

Also selectable as a semester program or single game.

It is not at all easy to find a theme for the camp, for the Bible nowhere tells of ice and snow.

Bedouin teenie camp for 5 days

Soon we meet for the joint departure to the "New World", as America is also called at this time. Are you prepared for adventure and western life? We are looking forward to our time together!