How do children believe at different ages?

In a group, people take different roles according to their character.


Currents and Influences on Teens Today

... and how do we counter the currents and influences?

It is said to happen to the ablest of tea-circle workers that they occasionally struggle to put together a game night or use games well-placed.

Here shall Abhillfe come!



Always think of bad weather when making camp preparations!


Common Problems in the Jungschar


Educational Miscellaneous - How Jesus Trained His "Crew" to Be Evangelists


Kids who are "just being disruptive" in our Jungschar:
Why do they just have to be in our youth group? 


How can we achieve a really good interaction in the team?

What should be the nature of a camp leader?

Leading by example - You are always in the children's field of vision. You shape them unknowingly or consciously!  etc. etc.



Suggestion for 7-Day "Quiet Time Instruction" on Selected Chapters of Revelation

The value of life - divine.
Divine life - without loss of value.
The task - to make life worth living.


From the wrong to the right father!

Quiet Time - Day 1 - Day 7


This is not about easy recipes, it is about the biblical way. On the one hand, this way is a way of joy, because God wants to ignite our heart and make us useful for his plans, but it is also a way which is often uncomfortable and makes us look deep into our inner being.


A look at Swiss sport, at school or even beyond the borders shows: commitments are a topical issue. A selection of projects and addresses.


The team benefits from the strengths of each individual.


Developing the leader personality


Rituals strengthen a community and remind what agreements are in place.

In practice, the suitability of commitments becomes apparent.

In today's sport: teaching noble values possible, or leaving young people to their fate. A critical view with the university lecturer university lecturer for philosophy and media theory and publicist Ludwig Hasler.

Young people need rules, pedagogical guard rails and guidance. But they also want to help shape their leisure activities.

The elaboration of a "Commitment" combines these concerns.

e.g. Stauffacher's words on the Rütli - in terms of the idea, they have lost none of their relevance


A commitment can be the solution.

Over the course of the year there are many dates for parents, children and leaders. These are often linked to school holidays and other church events. So it is worthwhile to keep the overview with a simple representation. 


International Basic Training BT1-07 Bodensee

A paraphrase for Youngstar leaders on 1st Corinthians 13


This is a summary of the book:
"Youth Ministry with Vision"
by Doug Fields from Projection J Publishing.
ISBN: 3-89490-318-X

Gain Self-Knowledge Through the 10 Commandments

Texts on this in the Bible: Exodus 20:1-17; Deut. 5:6-18; Matt. 5:17-7:29; 22:34-40; Gal. 5:16-24 

The "Five Faces" are different ways in which people come up with creative ideas. Most people use mainly one of the faces. However, each of the faces has advantages and disadvantages and works better in certain situations than in others. Therefore, we should try to train the different faces in us. We should also learn when to use which face best


Having time management under control means:

knowing how and sticking to it

The DISG personality profile is an instrument for determining individual behavior patterns and serves to promote self- and social competence. 

(Following are excerpts, complete article: see PDF file)


Fit for Kids - the staff circle 

How can the gospel of Jesus Christ as a joyful and liberating message unfold its effect on children? 



- Where do we want to "lead" the children - they don't know the way!
- What is "leading / guiding?" How do you do it



The more Bible knowledge we impart to our children, the better equipped they will be for life. Is that so?


Children want to have an answer to their questions. Therefore, we adults ourselves must first become clear about what death and eternity mean. 

As far as death and dying are concerned, one can observe two contrasting developments in our time and society: On the one hand, we are constantly confronted with death, often in great detail. On the other hand, talking about death and dying seems to be taboo. 




A glance at the children's section of a bookstore is enough to see the importance of the theme of friendship. Books with tales of brave children's gangs share the shelf with friendship books to fill in yourself. 


Children need exercise to develop healthily. Physical activity not only promotes motor skills, but also has an impact on all areas of development. In youth work we canmake an important contribution to counteract the increasing lack of exercise in our society. 


Children who exhibit challenging behavior want to position themselves in the best possible way. I want to affirm these kids that they matter. I want to let them shine, because I want them to be king kids. 

Lesson for KIDSTREFF

Some churches have switched to the KIDS TREFF/Promiseland model. There are new lesson materials for this. In this post, we take an existing lesson written for Jungschar and modify it so that it can be used in KIDS TREFF. 

See PDF file for detailed description and instructions


Memorizing names is sometimes quite difficult. However, if we do it and consciously address our counterpart by name, we show our appreciation for this person: "You are important enough to me that I have remembered your name."

A night cross-country game in the forest, abseiling, a trekking camp, an afternoon of raft building and rafting. These activities have been standard in Jungschar work for a long time. Is this now already an experiential education activity? What opportunities and possibilities can offer an experiential education activity? 

This article is a Forum booklet article. 

This article describes the developmental stages of children and adolescents.



                 and Help them Mature

Useful tips and links about personality tests

This document gives you a little insight into child development, specifically competencies. We often expect too much from our children, or overtax them. Even in the Jungschar work, where we do not see the children every day, it is important to know their level of development.

Disciplined behaviour is extremely important in a Jungschar. Only in this way is it possible to run programs in such a way that they are fun for (almost) everyone. And only this way it is possible to do activities with a little higher risk with the children. In these situations we have to be able to rely on them.

Empowerment has a lot to do with trust, acceptance, personal commitment and empathy. These things can only be partially learned. However, every leader should know what "motivation buttons" there are in relation to children (but also adults). Experienced leaders use the motivators that are appropriate to the situation and person.

The night's rest is a much discussed topic in most camps. Here are some basic thoughts and experiences about it. You have had other experiences? Then feel free to add to this article!