A diddly bow was originally an activity for farm kids. It was usually some stick, broomstick or the like, to which a tin can was attached and then a wire was stretched. By plucking it, you could play notes and by placing a bottle neck on the string, you could adjust the pitch.

Teens create one or more circus shows

Locally, regionally, or nationally, create teen group performances at church, crusade, graduation party

A fun song with movements.

The song can also be sung simply in dialect.

It's that simple to create a camp song that will stay in everyone's ears at least until after camp.

It is gratifying that singing Christian songs takes up a large part of our camps. But why is this important and what conditions must be fulfilled so that singing can succeed?


What is an orchestra? What instruments are played? And: Does everyone play the same instrument?


Cool song to start or finish the meal.

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