A short game in which you will definitely get colored.

Here you will find a tutorial on how to make a simple bubble device yourself. This can be used for competitions, as it is possible to make long bubble snakes (more than 1m long).

Various running games in knee-deep water.

Push-up race in knee-deep water. Only the hands touch the ground. The feet can drag or paddle.

You can also do races in the water. Perform forward and backward in knee-, hip- and chest-deep water in succession. In deep water, assist with strong arm movements.

What to do if you have non-swimmers in your group?

Basic Idea/Objective:

To learn about new sports with the teens and use them as spiritual comparisons in devotions.

This game is played with flower sprayers or water atomizers. The goal is to get the ping pong ball into the goal of the opponent with the water pressure from the bottle.

A program is presented for a local camp. The Robinson theme is incorporated into the devotions, quiet times, games, excursions and experiences. 

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