Youngstars methodology

Children also have basic emotional needs

Why do we tell?

It is important to us to awaken and develop the children's ability to experience.

Why? The word of God in the head and heart is a preserving power


The Bible:

- incredible
- full strong
- topical
- personal


This is not about easy recipes, it is about the biblical way. On the one hand, this way is a way of joy, because God wants to ignite our heart and make us useful for his plans, but it is also a way which is often uncomfortable and makes us look deep into our inner being.

What do we mean by a project?

Project programs aim to meet the needs and interests of teenagers, or simply to pursue certain pursuits over a longer period of time, where active participation / design is required. 

For leaders in children's and youth work it is certainly one of the most beautiful tasks to promote and use the gifts that God as Creator has given to every human being. It is truly (Lord)ly to see how the Lord has placed them in individual human lives and very regrettable how much lies fallow that could actually be used for the good of all. 

This article grew out of a desire to keep finding new ways of proclaiming the Good News.


The experiments listed are to be performed only by persons experienced in experimenting with chemical substances, exercising the greatest care, and adhering to all safety regulations.

An excel file listing most of the technical terms in the "youngstars" section, to be used as a basis for translations.

Disciplined behaviour is extremely important in a Jungschar. Only in this way is it possible to run programs in such a way that they are fun for (almost) everyone. And only this way it is possible to do activities with a little higher risk with the children. In these situations we have to be able to rely on them.

A simple technique to encourage children to provide brief feedback.

In experiential education, personality and social skills are to be developed and trained through group experiences.

Experience the forest with all your senses.

Children in particular love being out in nature. This offers them opportunities for play and adventure without sensory overload. Nowadays, however, you sometimes have to put children on the track(s) and guide them first.