40xGegenstände in der Bibel

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Dieses Bibelquiz ist unter Teenagern sehr beliebt. Auf spielerische Art suchen sie Bibelstellen und lernen die Bibel einmal auf eine besondere Weise kennen.  

Popular Bible Quiz

1. Each team consists of 2-5 players and is given a Luther Bible, pens, and glue.


3. Whoever has found the most correct items in a certain time, or whoever has found all the items first, is the winner.

Other game variation

The teams are only allowed to search for one item at a time. With a game leader, they must show off the item they found. If it is the right one, they can put it in the field and then search for the next Bible passage (item).

This form of game has worked well in practice. It is not always easy to identify the correct item. This way the teams know that they have found the right item

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Author and images: BESJ Switzerland www.besj.ch

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