Buck throwing (shepherd game)

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Hit the "buck" with your rock and don't get caught


age from 12 years
Number of players 8-10
Playing venue Meadow
Material  None


10 to 12 paces from a throwing line, 4 to 5 flat stones are piled up to form a "trestle". This is guarded by a trestle keeper.

The other players now take turns throwing one flat stone each at the "trestle" from the throwing line. If one hits the "buck", all throwers may retrieve their throwing stones and then flee behind the throwing line. First the keeper has to pile up the "Bock" again. Afterwards he may chase the throwers in the field. If he can hit one before he has crossed the throwing line with his stone, he has to play the keeper at the next game.

The following rules apply:
Whoever has thrown his stone farther than the "trestle" may flee back with it directly behind the throwing line. But whoever's stone is closer than the "trestle" must first hit the picked up stone on the "trestle" before he is allowed to flee back.

If no one has hit the trestle, individuals or groups attempt to run into the field to retrieve their throwing stones, at which time the keeper may knock them off. They may not, however, flee back behind the throwing line without their stones.


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