Miscellaneous game tournaments

Inline skating offers many ways to make physical education fun and attractive.

Similar to tennis, yet incomparable!

Frisbee games can be played anytime and almost anywhere.

An X-Athlon provides an answer to the question: how do you engage groups of children in a challenging and varied way without too much material expense?

Flag Football is an ideal preparation game for American Football


Program blocks in the camp program:
- in which all can participate
- which must "carry" over a long period of time 
- where material and location can be organized to some extent 

Your camp participants should have many play options and opportunities available to them in the non-programmed time in camp ("marginal times") in self-selected play groups, in pairs or alone

Enterprises are larger games and sporting events in camp, such as:

- Olympiads
- Games tournaments
- Major competitions
- Games festivals

Playground structure determines play behavior

Make an orienteering course with the Bible. This article shows you how to make an orienteering event where the participants are led through different Bible passages to the next post. It's fun - let yourself be surprised...

Whoever has done it before knows that explaining and leading games is not always the easiest task. The following tips and instructions should help you to become even better at it

Various variations on how to form teams for games, for example.