Youngstars and the public

Finally in a few lines you can discover evangelical scouts. A viable alternative. See:

Quarter program for antli with:

Cooking, devotion, crafts and games
and ... Surprise parents and siblings!


An afternoon of Jungschar in public - mingling with the public

Guaranteed to be an absolute HIT!


Short introduction for BESJ warehouse staff course 2006/2007


A play on the theme: light and darkness

This workshop was prepared by me in the context of a camp (Steven feature film - the secret of the red thread) of Bibellesebund. It covers the topic of film from the basic idea to the production and post-production

Teens create one or more circus shows

We organize a soapbox race with as little effort as possible. This can spur the teens and kids to build their own soapboxes.

Our Jungschi organises a schoolboy floorball tournament for the local area

Rodeo on spring-loaded wooden buck with saddle for teen group occasions in the village / neighbourhood

The aim of the Gelateria is to create a cosy place where young people can be together in an informal way. It should be a cheap alternative to the Beizenbesuch and allow contacts

Teenies can participate in a self-chosen interest group for a certain period of time. They work actively and propose project topics themselves, e.g. foreign cooking

If you want to make a movie with a group of teens over a long period of time, you can use the script you already have or opt for your own book or story.

Over the course of the year there are many dates for parents, children and leaders. These are often linked to school holidays and other church events. So it is worthwhile to keep the overview with a simple representation. 


For publicity locally, regionally or nationally of the teen group in church, at crusade, at graduation

See also Create article video

Individual stickers are always a real eye-catcher. They form a perfect advertising space, can be information carriers, to mark objects or simply used for decoration. Either you print your own stickers at home or look on the Internet for printing companies where you can design your own stickers.

In the digital age, a web presence for one's group is almost indispensable. Many churches already have a website. If there is the possibility to present there all the important information of your Jungschar, this offers itself, because this is free of charge for you. However, it is not always possible to present your youth group there to the necessary extent

Stand and human kicker at the village market

Quarter afternoon with various games at posts.

I'll do it! I'm not doing it! Do I? I'm not doing it?

Going out, reaching out to others, takes overcoming. What will she/he think if I suddenly come and exemplify the faith or tell something about it?

I am not going to do it

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Not only "fun and action" are attractive for kids. A creative project needs a lot of effort - but the result is worth seeing!

Ideas for pre-evangelistic projects from practice. A field report from Langenthaler Jungscharen.

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30 Years Jungschar Rüti 

The anniversary celebration is a good opportunity to come out to the public, but also just to thank God for his faithfulness and preservation thought the now active leaders.

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This is how good newspaper articles are made: 

A good public image builds trust and gives valuable relationships. Writing for newspapers can be done by those who have basic knowledge of spelling, grammar and sentence structure. This article will give you some valuable tips.

Public relations means to communicate consciously with the public. This can be done, for example, by pushing newspaper articles or organising events that are specifically for the public (or a certain target group) (e.g. children's weeks).

Wordle is an online software for creating word clouds. You can use it to decorate a flyer. Here the link to create.

Videos are a very effective public relations tool in youth ministry.

There are very many ways in which videos can be used. For example, you can make promotional videos, camp review videos, or pre-event videos for special events.

Invitations contain the necessary information about your events, such as meeting place and time. They serve on the one hand to inform your youth about upcoming events and on the other hand as a simple means to invite outsiders.