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Das Leben von Elisa: 7 Tage Lager-"Stille-Zeit"

Introduction to the Silent Time Booklet in the Basic Course


Dear GK participant

In Elisa story we deal with a time, a people and their culture that seem to us Swiss of the 20th century, far away. Much is foreign to us. We have to listen carefully, to read in and to think in order to understand the people. But then we notice that their inner spiritual needs are not so different from ours. So don't be surprised if you are personally addressed or even questioned in your relationship to the God of the Bible. On the contrary, I encourage you to expect that the only true and living God whom Elisha served will meet you personally! Don't be amazed, but delighted when your relationship with God, through studying Elisha's life, takes on a new depth and direction. I wish that for you from the bottom of my heart

Helene Bachmann

PS: I count on you all being emancipated enough not to be bothered by my use of the masculine form throughout. This of course includes the female participants! Thank you for understanding in favor of simplicity.

Helps against language confusion

In the various translations of the Bible, some of the place names and personal names are spelled differently. Neighboring countries of Israel have several and therefore different names. Here is a list so that you know what the booklet is talking about when your Bible gives you a different word:

Elia = Elijah

Elisha = Elisha

Naaman = Naaman

Joshaphat = Jehoshaphat

Sunem = Shunem

Beth-El = Bethel

Syria = Aram

Syrians = Arameans

Disciples of the prophets = disciples of the prophets

  • Historical Background
  • Poitical Situation in Israel
  • Relationship with Syria
  • Spiritual situation
  • The Two Kings - Books
  • Biographical notes on Elisha

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