In a camp setting or on a special day, a fair is set up by the children. Leaders and caregivers visit the children's fair. Through a great offer the children try to take the play money from their caregivers.


  • Soap base
  • Lavender oil
  • Food coloring
  • Lavender buds (dried)
  • Gas cooker
  • Casserole
  • Knife
  • Silicone Forms
  • Wooden spoon or whisk

Wax seals add a beautiful detail to Jungscharname baptismal certificates, letters and scrolls that impress. The engraving can be related to the camp, semester, or even afternoon theme, or can be generally appropriate to the Jungschar.

Idea for a sheep made of yarn

After we have experienced a cool Sola with Asterix & Obelix, we do not want to withhold our planning documents from you and hope to be able to provide you with tools and ideas for an exciting Sola.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, please do not hesitate to contact us at Jungschar Uzwil.

Building an improvised bivouac without talking to each other is a real challenge.

But the results are impressive.

Here you will find a simple recipe how to fry nettles on the fire.

Working with soapstone is a craft that inspires both girls and boys. Whether at summer camp or as a youth group afternoon, soapstone always goes and promotes the creativity of the children.

Make fun pencil ornaments with pipe cleaners

On various topics, costume contests can be made with the children. The disguises are made from everyday materials such as newspaper and tape.

Possible themes: Kings (e.g., on the story of David, Solomon).

A great way to act out Bible stories or other stories in a devotional is with Playmobil.

In this article I give you some tips and ideas.

A Raben-Vertüferli from a clothespin.

Fitting e.g. to the story of Elijah and the ravens or to the main message: God cares for you.

Or to the Bible verse 1 Peter 5:7

The Vertüüferli is used as a magnetic note holder.

A little craft to a devotion with the possible topics:

  • Prayer
  • Psalm 50:50 or Psalm 4:4
  • "God hears you"
  • "You can always talk to God"

A great little bag for devotions on a wide variety of topics.

You can also attach a hidden message that appears when you open the clothespin.

A Vertüüferli to your devotion, for example, on the topics of "salvation" or "Jesus saves"


A sweet Zvieri for over the fire

Here's how to make marshmallows yourself

Here you can find out how you can use cotton pads and wax to make fire starters with the children

Here's how to make an edible crocodile from a cucumber.

The cucumber crocodile goes with, for example:

-A jungle program / party

-To the story of Joseph in Egypt (Nile crocodile)

Make an edible snake out of a sandwich.

The snake is suitable, for example, for:

-A jungle program / festival

-An animal / creation program

-The story of the brazen serpent

Make fruit skewers coated with chocolate

Make a heart-shaped pillow with fur fabric

The pillow fits e.g. to the topics: love (God loves you), friendship (e.g. to the story of David and Jonathan)

Make a cake in the shape of a treasure chest.

The cake goes with, for example: a treasure hunt program, a seafaring camp, a pirate program, the story of the treasure in the field, to the main idea "You are valuable to God"

Make a heart-shaped card holder out of wire. The card holder fits e.g. love (God loves you), friendship (e.g. story of David and Jonathan) or is suitable as a present for Mother's Day.

practical tips and specials


Location: in the forest

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hours

From salt dough you can make great tablets of the law. First, they look very real and second, Moses can break them in his anger. (Unfortunately, ours were broken before a photo was taken...)

Later, Moses had to write down the laws himself. You might as well make some as vertüferli with the Jungschärlern.

A diddly bow was originally an activity for farm kids. It was usually some stick, broomstick or the like, to which a tin can was attached and then a wire was stretched. By plucking it, you could play notes and by placing a bottle neck on the string, you could adjust the pitch.

65 Themes for Teen or Youth Evenings

Program for 1/2 Year Teen Youth Group

Exciting quarterly program for Ameisli with four originals from the Bible featuring:

- Cooking
- Physical activity
- Crafts
- Devotions

Quarter program for antli with:

Cooking, devotion, crafts and games
and ... Surprise parents and siblings!

The giant dinosaur from the ice

A wellness evening, for example, to relax after a two-day hike at summer camp.

Embellish flower pots simply creative.

Cool custom t-shirt dyeing with the youngsters!

Craft/build something completely different for once!

A custom stool, very private one for each teen

Why is there a need for something as old-fashioned and traditional as a uniform in the Jungschar?

This is a fair question. If you look into the question a bit, you will find many reasons to have a uniform in a Jungschar group. This article shows how a Jungschar uniform can become a can't-miss element in Jungschar.

We make cards with sand pictures / cast pictures

while contemplating Bible stories

We make a pentagon lamp with a tea light

and have a devotion afterwards

- The maze is a toy to fill dead time

- or for a group competition

- and a useful craft


... is fun to make

and fun to play with


An outdoor game for 20 - 500 people, takes about 2-5 hours  

Mikado game with "big" sticks

For anniversary and inauguration celebrations, it's good to have sponsorship competitions.


End of Year Celebration - Teen Club End of Year Party

To welcome the new teens to the teen club we have a party!