Team & Newgames

A night game for at least 12 (optimally 20) 8-12 year olds where participants need to pay close attention and where a fun mix of action and tactics is created that experience shows is really fun for kids and leaders.


  • Age group 7 to 14
  • In a room with a table
  • 1-2 leaders
  • Up to 25 min.


  • Age group 7 to 14
  • Park
  • 2-3 leaders
  • ca. 45 minutes

Age group: 8-13yrs.

Participants: 60

Terrain: field

Number of leaders needed: 12

- Number of players- 30

- Leaders - 8+1 to lead the game

- Age group- 9-12

- Terrain- field


  • 7 to 14 years
  • up to 15 participants
  • 2 leaders and 4 helpers
  • about 30-40 minutes


  • 20 scarves
  • 4 earplugs
  • 1 long bar
  • 1 short bar
  • 2 flags
  • 2 morse code
  • 2 tarpaulins
  • lantern
  • whistle
  • ropes
  • 2 metal stilts

Game maze


  • 7 to 14
  • between 10-15 participants
  • In a park or forest
  • 5-6 leaders
  • About 25-30 minutes


  • Ropes
  • Blindfolds

Game trails


  • 7 to 14
  • 10-15 participants
  • In a park or forest
  • 5-6 leaders
  • About 25-30 minutes


  • empty boxes
  • Grains (beans, lentils, corn, etc.)
  • Tin cans


  • 7-14 years
  • Between 10-15
  • Indoor or outdoor
  • 2-3 supervisors will be needed to monitor the game
  • 45 min to 1 hour

Follow the cable. Jeweles, the first book of the answer, is guided by the locked word solution.

Numbers and numbers

This game is all about seeing and looking in the right place.

Similar to tennis, yet incomparable!

Making as much oil (Coke cans) dry up as possible and being the first to reach the finish line - these are the high goals that the teens set for themselves in this game.

Who dares, wins!

A very nice team game for all ages, but highly recommended for ages 15 and up, and a "must play" for students.

A kind of rugby where not physical strength is needed but speed.


Description of a game idea and its possible implementation. Should inspire to implement ideas yourself, to adapt proven games or to play popular games differently in their own context.

Background of the idea is an own game, which I designed in my spare time for home, but which can also be played in the youth group.

Company Tycoon is a city game that has proven itself as an alternative to
Mr. X, especially in smaller towns.

The game is afternoon filling (about 2,5-3h).

This terrain game is usually played in larger cities. With the help of sporadic clues to the whereabouts of the unknown "Mister X", he is pursued by several groups with the aim of identifying and capturing him. The game is based on the board game "Scotland Yard"

In this game players play in groups. These groups get the task to take pictures of certain objects and/or certain constellations. To solve this task, they have to find the given motives and partially need to ask by-passers for help.